Sunday, January 16, 2011

34 Days on a ship???

I read a post that a fellow agent made about some of their clients going on a 34 day cruise. As much as I LOVE cruising, I just can't imagine being on a 34 day cruise. Shocking, I know. I also realized that it definitely won't be 34 straight days onboard the ship. However, I can't imagine being gone that long on vacation. Probably not what I should be sharing, since I am, afterall, a travel agent!

I have so many clients who tell me that they don't want to go on a 7 day cruise. That 4 or 5 days is plenty. Overall the feeling of so many people is 4 days is a tease. 5 days is getting there. 7 days is da bomb! With 7 days, you get at least 3 stops, if not more plus you have enough days at sea to enjoy the activities and relaxation of being onboard the ship. I do enjoy the onboard experience as much as visiting the ports. I'm just sayin..............

More later..........


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Alan Whitt said...

I would love to go on a 34-day cruise. Just think about it: I could leave all my problems behind while I set sail. I almost went on my first Transatlantic cruise a few years ago and was particularly excited to be at sea for seven days. I love he sea, and I love sleeping at night as the ship rocks ... as if I'm in a cradle.

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